Saturday, October 16, 2010

ROBOT EXCELLENT Collection RS 200 CRORES.......

Robot or Endhiran box office collection tops Rs 200 crore. Rajinikant- Aishwarya starrer Endhiran has created box office record just in two weeks. The Robot movie totally collected Rs 200 crore which is the best ever gain of an Indian movie. The Tamil version Endhiran gained a big chunk of Rs. 150 crore from Rajini’s own state.

The film produced with a whopping amount of Rs.170 crore has collected Rs 50 crore from south while Hindi version Robot made Rs 15 crore in total.

The record gain of Endhiran has proved that superstar Rajinikant has won great fanfare beyond Tamil arena. Movie analysts may wonder if his charisma or Aishwarya’s presence pushed the movie to record gain all over India. Endhiran’s biggest -ever grosser in the history of Indian cinema has raised the eye brows of Industry experts.

Trade analyst N.P. Yadav disclosed that Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots was the last film to net Rs.150 crores. But, Endhiran/ Robot surpassed its record collecting Rs 200-225 crore worldwide since its release on October 1.

In Tamil Nadu, where Rajani has been enjoying divine like status, people were rushing to theaters since early 5 a.m.  Industry experts assert this Rajani factor behind the record collection of movie saying “It is Rajinikant’s charisma that works in his favour. Moreover it is an out-and-out masala film, with Aishwarya to add to the glamour quotient, the lavish locations and extravagant special effects.”

Robot in Hindi marked the record gain of a dubbed film and performed well in its early weeks throughout the north. “It has broken all the norms of a dubbed film. There has never been any dubbed film that has crossed even the one crore mark,” trade analyst Amod Mehra said.


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