Thursday, December 9, 2010

Setting USB Flash drive as your system RAM

Hello friends.
Today i want to tell you how to use your USB Flash drive as a RAM(Random Access Memory) to increase your PC Performence without buying the RAM.
Generally if you want to increase your system’s performance you must buy a RAM.But it is more cost effective.So which is difficult to buy a new RAM and add it to your PC.So we have to serach for the alternatives.
Here it comes about the USB flash drive or a secure digital (SD) memory card.We can use them as RAM’s with the windows ReadyBoost technology.In this the flash memory devices acts as an additional memory cache so that you can easily access the computer and increase the performance easily.

How to configure your USB flash drive or SD memory card??
It is very simple.First connect your USB flash drive or SD memory card to your system.Then open up my computer.
In it right click on the properties of your flash drive.Then goto ReadyBoost and configure.
In this way you can easily speedup your system.May be this is well known point to experts.But i posted this for the new users who are new to PC tricks and technologies.

Supported Operating Systems:
Vista Home Basic,Home Premium,Business,Ultimate.

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