Sunday, January 30, 2011

My S-CUBES Interview Experience..........!!!!!!!!

Hai friends..
I went to Avanthi college located at vizag for Job Mela..on 29,30 Feb 11
on 29th we have registered first and attended written test of S-CUBES company..
written test contains 2 sections..
1) Aptitude
2)'C Programming'
Iam familiar with C so it is some what easier for me..
Aptitude contains normal bits only.. from R.S Agarwal..
I have written aptitude averagely..
Totally near 1000 members have taken written test and among them 25 was selected for Tech interview.. Im one among them..
Tech interview was conducted on 30th.. in Tech interview he asked me following..
1) Details in Resume
2) A query using JOINS
3) following C programs..
       a.Upper case to Lower case
       b.Sum of Digits of a given no.
       c. following triangle
                    2   2
                 3   3   3
4) I have writeen web browsing as my hobbie..
he asked me following question
when u open google n type anything in search bar and pressed "RETURN" key what will be happened?
I was confused abt RETURN key and i have recollected that RETURN key means ENTER key and I have answered that "search engine will search related data and displays links for that data".
he was convinced.
Thats all interview was completed and nearly one n half hour we have waited for result..
Out of 25 members attended for interview only 6 were selected and My name is there finally.
I felt very happy..
I hope this experience is useful to you..

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