Friday, September 30, 2011

E-Learning Project In PHP


  • It is developed using    PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Java script , JQuery as front end and MySQL as backend.
  • It contains 2 modules User and Administrator. A user can download/upload files into the website so that everyone can see that shared file and any one can download it. 
  • The files may be EBooks / Videos / Software’s. 
  • User can change his profile information and he is listed with his latest 5 uploads in the home page itself.
  • Administrator can View all users profiles and he can delete users.
    This is the Link for Project SourceCode


    These are the links for videos HOW TO EXCECUTE the project ??

    See and Follow the videos as the order given
     Part 1 ->  DOWNLOAD(7.2MB) 
     Part 2 ->  DOWNLOAD(46.9MB) 
     Any Queries ?? 
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