Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to run Turbo C on Windows 7 using DOS BOX Software..?


Install the DOS BOX Software and follow tohe below steps

1) open dos box and type following

make ur Tc folder is a sub foldr in another one i.e path must look llike dis
use mount command
mount [ new drive letter ] [ path of Tc Folder ]

Z:\> mount e c:\Turbo\   

press Enter u will see a msg like dis
drive e is mounted as local directory c:\Turbo\
now change to that drive like dis

Z:\>  e:               press enter
Z:\>  cd Tc         press enter
Z:\>  Tc              press enter

Now Turboc gets opened
Alt+Enter -  Full Screen

Change Root directories paths to E: i.e we mounted to that drive
like this...
press Alt+o and Directories . and then change all drive letters from C to E

Now u can write and compie and run ur programs successfully

Note: dont use CTRL+F9 because it will exit the DOS Box.. use shortcut Alt+R and then R to Run the 

see here if u r having any doubt regarding this procedure..

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