Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HTML Class 01 Part B

This class covers following topics in additional to previous class.

  •  What is Blink Tag? How to Use it?
  • What is a Marquee? Directions ? How to Control its Speed?
  • How to Set Width,Height,Background color for a Marquee?
  • How to draw a Horizontal Line in a Web Page? 
  • How to set Background image for our web page?
  • How to Insert an Image in our web page?
  • How to Scroll an image in a webpage?
  • How to Use HOVER effect for an image such that when we point it border color changes? 
  • How to Set Border for Image using CSS?
  • How to set width n height of image?
  • How to Construct a TABLE in HTML? 
  • How to set Table Border?
  • How to use cellpadding n cellspacing in tables? 
Output 1:

Output 2:


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