Friday, December 23, 2011

Absolute Uninstaller: Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once

Revo Uninstaller is popular uninstaller in removing left over entries of applications after their uninstall where Add/Remove programs lacks, IOBit Uninstaller is same as Revo Uninstaller but allows to batch uninstall programs, Absolute Uninstaller is freeware alternate to Windows  Add/Remove programs allows to completely uninstall programs and lets you batch uninstall selected programs at once.

Absolute Uninstaller

Using Absolute Uninstaller
Download and install the program on your Computer, during the setup do uncheck for setting Glary Search as your homepage. Unlike Add/Remove Program applet this program doesn’t take much time to populate installed programs but also highlights recently installed programs.
Completely uninstalling the program
You can select a program and click Remove button to let the program perform app uninstallation after that you’ve the option to browse for the left over entries remained in app directory you can delete them without even browsing with Delete All button. 

delete all left over entries in directory

Batch uninstall programs
If you want to uninstall multiple programs at once, click on Batch uninstall and select the checkboxes and click on uninstall checked programs where they will be uninstalled one be one.

batch uninstall applications

This program displays uninstaller path of the program in the command line on selection something other uninstaller doesn’t provide. This program allows to search for the program for you to uninstall unless you’ve installed too many programs you can simply scroll down and select your program.
You can sort installed programs by their install date or name. You can autofix invalid entries like if they are already removed but the case with entries existing by selecting autofix invalid entries form the edit menu.
Absolute Uninstaller works on all Windows.

Download Absolute Uninstaller

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