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My SAP Labs Interview Experience..!

About SAP Company :


SAP Labs India is Sap’s second largest Research & Development and Global Services & Support center in the world.

Founded in November 1998, SAP Labs India is one of the four global development hubs (Germany, US and Israel being others) of SAP that contribute to all areas of the SAP product value chain- Research & Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development, Global Services & Support and Customer Solutions & Operations.

SAP Labs India researches, designs, and delivers leading-edge software applications that enhance and extend SAP? Solutions, and is recognized within the SAP global organization as one of the prime contributors of innovation, quality and service.

As a Global Services and Support organization, Labs India boasts of the largest production team outside Germany providing assembly, validation and test services, and is credited as being the largest testing center within SAP.

About SAP India

SAP India is the fastest growing subsidiary of SAP AG, the world's leading provider of business software solutions.

SAP India began its operations in 1996 with headquarters in Bangalore and offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and a direct presence in nine cities across India, besides having marketing associates in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Over the last 11 years, SAP has been the undisputed market leader in the Indian enterprise software market. In August 2006, the company was the first enterprise software vendor in India to cross the 1000-customer mark and with strong momentum powering the adoption of its solutions in 2007, the number of its Indian customers is now well over 3000.

Declared as the ‘Hub of the year in Asia Pacific and Japan” in 2007, SAP India witnessed an unprecedented growth of over 100% both in terms of license revenue and customer acquisition.

Besides a growing headcount of 4835 employees (Labs, Global Delivery Centers, Field), SAP India has a strong and growing ecosystem of 200+ partners for its different solutions and different verticals across geographies, Global Services Partners and 105363 combined SDN and BPX Members in India. 

My Interview Process :

1) First of all i don't went directly to SAP labs, There is a consultancy called MAGNA Info.Tech in Bangalore.

2) I came to know from my friend Swathi that Magna is conducting a Written Test for S/W Texting Postion in 1 of its MNC clients. 

3) Actually i dont know anything about testing , but i got the information that the Written Test consits of C , Aptitude , SQL so i got intrest to write that written test and went there.When i reached there Already some people are writng exam. After they hav completed my turn came.

4) Then i came to know that client is SAP Labs. I thought this Written test may be fraud , because SAP is Very Good company , He will gtake only people from IIT's , NIT's and Bits Pilani only , then i made a phone call to my Roommate who is working in SAP labs and told about this MAGNA , then he told me it is a good outsourcing company and write the test well .

Mean while when writing exam, i tried to help my friend and we were caught and his place is changed by invizilator. But i helped a girl sitting behind me , she and me also cleared written test. 
Now the Terror round next is Group Discussion , I have good speaking ability but the problem is I may/may not get a chance to speak ! The G.D was conducted very well by the invizilators and every one in da team got a chance to speak. I forgot to say this "Our G.D topic is LoveMarriages Vs Arranged Marriages". I spoke some bullet points and I have cleared G.D.They told us dat on next day morning 10:30 der will be interview.

5) In Interview he asked following Questions .

a) Tell me about your self ?
b) What is Encapsulation ?
c) What is difference between C/C++/Java ?
d) Write logic in C that merges 2 arrays and after merging the result array should be sorted ?
e) He asked a puzzle Prove that a^b=b^a where (a not equal b)  ?

6) I have answered all the questions well . He told me they will inform later , when will be the written test in SAP labs .

7) After 2 days , I got a mail  from magna to attend written test in SAP labs. 

8) I went there and Written Test is the First Round . Test will contain 40 Questions , Cuttoff is 25 ,  No Negative Marking  and time is 40 min.

9) I cleared that written test and on next day Tech round was der. In general i wont prepare for any written test or Tech rounds.. I went der       without any strong preparation, bec daily i will spend my time more on my laptop with C,Java etc.. 

10)  The questions asked in SAP Labs Tech round were quiet easy.

a) Tell me about yourself ?

b) Asked about Login Module in my Project ?

c) Asked to write an SQL query to select Employee name who has maximum age ?

d) Asked to write a Program in C that prints Pyramid with * in C ?

e) Asked Real world Examples where we can see Stack , Queue and Linked  List ?
        For this question everyone can answer about stack , queue but i answere Linked - List in a
        funny  and different way , Madam got impressed with my answer , and she kept laughing for few seconds .

   f) What is da difference between Stack memory and Heap memory ?
   g) What is the difference between wait() method and delay() method ?
   h) In how many ways we can create a Thread in Java ?

   i) In middle of my Interview another person  came with his laptop , he saw blogging as my hobby in my Resume and Open my blog and saw it.

   j) Both persons who interviewed me are very cool and they have made me cool when i get tensed.

k) They asked me you are good in development , so we want to forward your Resume to development team , i said OK.

l) After my interview around One and half hour later i came to know that i have cleared technical round and H.R will be after 2 hours and in           mean while she told me to take lunch.

11) In H.R round madam asked me following questions,

   a) Tell me about yourself ?
   b) Encapsulation , Wrapper Classes ?
   c) In ur graduation , which Textbook u have studied for Software Testing Subject ?
   d) Write a Program in C++ that uses both classes and structures ?
   e) Tell me about your family ?
   f)  You are good in development , then why are you coming for Testing position in our company ?
   g) What are the products of SAP ? 
After my H.R interview , they told me i have to face 1 more round called Development round , but after 2-3 days i got call from Magna Infotech and they said I was selected for Software Testing Position in SAP Labs with package of 2.4 Lakh per annum.

I am  very happy to become a SAP employee.

Thanq SAP

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