Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Smart PC Locker Pro Auto-locks your PC when Idle

Pressing Win key and L on keyboard is all you need to lock your Windows 7 PC  to prevent unauthorized access, Smart PC Locker Pro is freeware portable  from NoVirusThanks not only allows to lock your system with a password but also disables all functions such as CD ROM drive and Task Manager.

Smart PC Locker Pro

Launch the program, type  password to protect your PC on Locker tab click Save button.You can assign hotkey to lock your PC using Smart PC Locker Pro, this program even offers the stealth mode where the program tray icon and password entering form can be hidden from preying eyes and you can restore them with hotkey assigned for it under Hotkeys tab.
You can right-click on program icon and do things such as show program window, lock Computer, change password. access Settings and Hotkeys tabs and also you can exit from the program.

tray icon

Program Settings offers options to auto-lock system after certain minutes of inactivity which you can specify. You can save power by automatically turning off monitor after 5 minutes of inactivity.  Even more control for the user where the program allows to shutdown windows automatically after 3 invalid password attempts.

Smart PC Locker Pro settings

By default the program doesn’t configured to start with Windows which you can enable to start along with the lock screen in Settings.
Smart PC Locker Pro works on all Windows (32 & 64-bit) and available in portable and installer versions for download.

Download Smart PC Locker Pro

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