Monday, February 27, 2012

Backround Cycler Loads A New Wallpaper on Desktop From Specified Folder After Set Interval of Time

There are many wallpaper changer programs available on the internet those lets you cycle wallpapers if you feel monotonous with same background on your Windows 7 desktop, whereBackround Cycler is a freeware app that loads a new wallpaper on your desktop from specified folder after the set interval of time.
Using Backround Cycler
Launch the program, double-click on its tray icon to access its user interface and Settings. Select Pictures Folder click on Load Folder and select the folder to load the images from and click Ok.
Backround Cycler
You can set the program to change desktop background from the above added folder from program settings. By default the interval is set to 10 minutes which you an change to your liking. Single click on program tray icon shows  current wallpaper name on the desktop.
From app settings, you can set the program to
  • Change background on program startup
  • when loading a folder, also load from subfolders
  • auto-start with windows.
Backround Cycler Settings
You can change desktop background manually by clicking on “Change Background”. You can access program settings, change background from the system tray icon.
Backround Cycler tray icon
Backround Cycler works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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