Monday, February 27, 2012

Copy URLs of All Tabs/Links in Firefox with Copy URLs Expert

While surfing the web we do open lot of tabs, what if you want to copy all URLs of tabs in Firefox to save these links for future reference or to email someone? that’s where Copy URLs Expert Firefox extension comes in handy.
Tab context menu

Copy URLs Expert for Firefox

This extension can copy 
  • URLs  of all tabs in every opened window.
  • URLs  of all tabs only in the current window.
  • URLs  of all links in the selection.
  • URLs of all images in the selection.
After installing the extension, restart  Firefox. You can found this extension menu on tab context menu, Selection Context menu, Toolbar (you need to drag and drop Copy URLs Expert icon from Toolbar layout).
Copy URLs Expert options
Copying URLs in tabs is easy: right-click on tab context menu, from “Copy URLs Expert menu” select Tabs in This Window or Tabs in all Windows, URLs along with titles are also copied to the clipboard which you can paste on notepad or email to your friends.

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