Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drag-n-Drop An Image from Your Computer onto Google Image Search to Find Similar Images

I didn’t know this until MattCutts shared on Google+, it’s really cool- Google lets you drag and drop any picture from your Computer onto it’s Image search to show you similar images with relevant search results. Search by Image is a feature which allows to search (not only words) in Google Image search with a picture and displays similar images for that picture uploaded from your computer or entered through an URL

Use an Image to Search on Google to find related Images

All you need to do visit, click on Camera icon in the search box, then paste an image URL that hosted on web or upload one from your Computer, Google then displays related  images with relevant results across the web, you can also drag and drop image from web or your desktop.
search by image
Google Image search

You can do this even more faster by installing Search by image extension for Firefox or Chrome. After installing the extension you can search by image by simply right-clicking on the image.

visually similar images shown by Google Search by Image

You can see the similar images shown by Google (check the screenshot above) under “Visually similar images” link for “koala” image uploaded by me from Sample Pictures folder in my Computer .

How search by Image works (video)

“When you search by image, your results will look different than your normal Images or Web results page. The biggest difference is that your results can include non-image results like webpages that seem relevant to the image that you searched for. The elements of your results page will change depending on your search and on the information that’s most relevant to that search.” Search by Image page reads .

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