Sunday, February 26, 2012

Find The Folders Occupying the Most Hard Drive Space with MakeRoom

Hard drives are pretty cheap these days, this means you can store more photos, videos, torrent files and other stuff. But one day you may want to know where the drive space is going ? locating large size folders isn’t a problem here there’re utilities for that, meet MakeRoom freeware portable disk space analyzer which after a mere scan for few seconds displays the large folders list, so that you can remove some to gain valuable space.

Locating Large Folders taking the Disk Space

After launching the program, MakeRoom with a slick user interface (let me tell you you’ll run the program again to watch it) automatically starts scanning the NTFS master file table for files occupying most of the hard drive space and lists the “heavy folders” by their type in its program window.  

scanning drives for large files
You can mouse over on any folder name to select and click on it to open in another window. This utility allows to re-scan the hard drive by filtering the displayed folders or drives.

large folders list

MakeRoom works on Windows XP/Vista/7.
Download MakeRoom from here.

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