Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winyl V2.8.6 Music Player Portable

Synopsis :

Winyl is a lightweight digital audio player and audio library application. With a skinnable interface, minimalist design and low resource usage, it supports the basic playback functions as well as personal ratings, album cover display and playlists. The program automatically organizes your files into categories based on the information contained in the audio tags, which makes your music easy to find and play.
 Writes settings to: Application folder
 Dependencies : GDIPLUS.DLL
 How to extract :
  1. Download the installer, unzip, and then extract the install file to a temporary folder
  2. Move files in {app} to a folder of your choice
  3. Launch Winyl.exe -p
  4. Optionally: Delete unnecessary language file
 Unicode support : Yes
 License : Freeware
 System Requirements : WinXP / Vista / Win7

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