Monday, March 5, 2012

Avast Releases An Utility to Fix Corrupted Avast 6/7 Installations

We’ve covered the release of Avast 7 Beta -we’ve not updated you on final release of this version, sorry for that. If you’ve installed or upgraded to Avast 7stable version in your Computer, congrats! if you’re still facing problems in updating the program to latest version, let me tell you, you’re not alone lot if users experienced this- I have to use Avast uninstall utility to clear avast files and reinstall Avast. Hope you don’t need this as Avast released fix update utility which repairs corrupted installations of Avast v6/v7 in your Computer.
avast 6 or 7 program update hangs

Run Avast Fix Update Utility if you’ve updates hung in your Avast 6/7 installations

Download and run the tool and do the following
  • If you’re using Avast  7 : open Avast user interface>Maintenance>Update click on “Update Program”   ignore the question if any appears.
  • If using Avast 6:  You’ll be asked to update the program, if you click “Yes” then your Avast will be updated to v7 after several minutes, restart your Computer after that for changes to take effect.
This utility is released specifically for users experiencing problems like where you can’t update avast program or uninstall it.
If your system is not affected with this, the tool will report error 2 or 1 1 on running (check the screenshot below)
Avast error code 11
Download Avast FixUpdate tool from here.
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