Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to disable Startup Programs in Windows 8

Previous versions of Windows offers “System Configuration” tool (we can launch it by using Msconfig in run command) which lets you troubleshoot Windows startup problems by disabling startup programs or services selectively and users most often use this tool to disable some programs that load on Windows startup to speed up Windows loading. Now this role has been assigned to Task Manager in Windows 8 where you can able be manage the startup programs from startup section of TM, true! you only see the message- “To manage startup items, use startup section of Task Manager” when you reach startup tab on System configuration window. So from Windows 8 onwards you need to stop the habit of visiting startup tab in System Configuration tool, now lets get into the matter.

no items on startup tab

Windows 8 Task Manager Startup section shows name of each item, to which publisher it belongs, enabled or disabled for status, Startup impact whether High, medium or not measured, this is something new for Windows users and very useful instead of depending on anti-frustration software like Soluto we can now know which programs takes more time to load on startup from Win8 Task Manager it self.

Disabling Startup Items in Windows 8

1. Open Task Manager in Windows 8 by right clicking on the Task bar and selecting Task Manager. Click on Startup tab, now it displays the services or programs that runs on startup and their impact.

3. User can now disable programs except antivirus and other security related ones having higher Startup impact to load Windows 8 faster, select the program and click on disable button at the bottom, now you won’t get restart prompt like in Windows 7 and you  don’t need to restart your Computer for the changes to take effect, that’s also new to us.

disable startup program

4. From the screenshot above you can see  TM reporting startup impact high for SnagIt and medium for Google Installer where Snagit processes and programs are grouped and shown as single item which we can expand. Unfortunately there is no way to disable Snagit’s individual startup items and hence here  we’ve to disable the grouped Snagit item.

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