Sunday, March 18, 2012

Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)

The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service allows you to configure your SMSGlobal settings with your Microsoft Outlook account to send SMS with ease. By following the simple steps in our how to video below, your SMSGlobal account can be easily integrated with either Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010. There is no software installation required and the configuration takes no more than one minute.
Integration with Microsoft Outlook enables you to streamline your business processes by centralising all of your communication requirements into the one place. Outlook integration also offers a variety of other features such as:
  • Send SMS to Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Manage SMS messages just like emails – save drafts, view sent items, print messages
  • Full 2-way SMS functionality – receive SMS replies back to your mobile phone or Microsoft Outlook inbox (Dedicated Number not required)
  • Push calendar reminders via SMS
  • Forward emails via SMSForward emails via SMS
  • Use Microsoft Outlook speller and proofing tools
  • Cut and paste text from other applications
  • Full support for groups and distribution lists
  • Schedule messages for later delivery (Microsoft Office 2007 only)
  • Auto redirect for important messages, reminders and next day calendar summary
Follow this video to configure your SMSGlobal settings with Microsoft Outlook and send your first SMS:

Note: The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service is only available in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above. If your version of Microsoft Outlook is not compatible with OMS, you can always send SMS using email to SMS orweb to SMS.
Click Here to view the steps.
Step 1.
In the top menu click on "Tools" and then click on "Account Settings".

Step 2.
Under the email tab click on "New".

Step 3.
Under "Other" select "Microsoft Mobile Service (Text Messaging)".

Step 4.
Under "Server Information" enter the following details:
Web Service Address:
Under "Logon Information" enter the following details:
User ID: Your SMSGlobal Username
Password: Your SMSGlobal Password

Step 5.
Restart Outlook.

Step 6.
You are now setup and ready to send an SMS from Outlook.
To send an SMS click "New" and select "Text Message".

Step 7.
Select a contact by clicking on "To" or enter the number you wish to send to in the text box.
Type your message in the text area.

Step 8.
Click "Send".
Your message will be sent to the requested number.

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