Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Auto Save Passwords Without Notification in Firefox

          Hey friends. Today i am going to write about a simple firfox hack which helps you to hack your friends easily. When ever you try to login in any account, firefox shows a notification asking for store user name and password for this website. But aftre using this trick it will never ask to store the password but it would atomatically store all the password. Its ideal trick if you want to get someones login details who uses your computer.

follow these steps:
1) First of all you need to close firefox.

2) Now locate the nsloginmanagerprompter.js file which is normally found in


3) Open nsloginmanagerprompter.js with notepad or other editor. But the editor which would show the line number will be ideal.

4) Replace the entire line 804 to 869 with the following code

var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;


After replacing this, save this file

Now it's done. yeppie....

To see the usernames + passwords, go to tools --> options --> security --> saved password

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