Monday, December 31, 2012

Folders Loading Slow in Windows 7 ?Try this Fix

Are you getting annoyed with green progress bar that loads when you open any folder that contains too many files ? then try this fix. If a folder you used to save and open files regularly in Windows 7 taking ages to load the file contents, you’re not alone Windows by default optimizes any folder contents for Pictures that’s why it takes so much time and hence you encounter green progress bar loading from left to right when you open a large size folder. Fix is simple, to load any folder faster in Windows you need to optimize it for “General items” category which by default set to Pictures.
1. Right click on folder you’re experiencing this problem and select Properties
2. Click on Customize tab, under “optimize this folder for” select General Items , and select “also apply this template to all subfolders”,

optimize slow loading windows folder

3. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.
Have you seen any significant difference in folders loading speed in Windows 7 after this change ? share with us in comments.

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