Sunday, October 19, 2014

Make Windows Genuine

Hey guys I would like to help you to make your MICROSOFT WINDOWS GENUINE .Most of us use pirated or cracked versions of Microsoft Windows. Mostly all the people around the world use these kind of version of windows (mainly in ASIA).This can be due to unavailability of the original copy or due to price issue or other various issues. But most of the people who use the pirated copies know the certain problems or errors they come to post the installation of the Windows.

One of the few error message is this

The usual Message in pirated copies. 

In this article I will show you how to make this pirated copy back to original.
I am sure you guys have heard of CMD/Command prompt. Using CMD we are going to make the windows genuine. My method consist of two steps(two simple steps).
We all know windows has a ability of auto installing its updates whenever it needs.Well the main reason how windows detects you are using a pirated copy is by this automatic update.Hence our first step is

STEP 1 (Turning Automatic Updates off):

(i)  Go to Control panel.
(ii) Click on system and security.
(iii) Click on Windows update>>Turn automatic updates on or off.

Control panel>>security and networks. 

(iv)  Then make sure you did select “Never check for updates (not recommended) “.

You can disable automatic update. 

Now some programming way.Lets get to the way in which the windows get genuine.
Follow the steps given below

Step 2: (Making Windows Genuine using CMD)
(i)Go to start button and type ‘run’ and open it.
(ii)Type ‘cmd’ in the search area.



(iii)Once Command prompt is open type this command “SLMGR -REARM”.
(iv)After that press enter key.

Type cmd command

Type CMD command SLMGR -REARM.

(v)You will get a message like this below.

Message showing changes are made successfully.

Message showing changes are made successfully.

(vi)Now you may restart your computer.

Well guys here you go with genuine MICROSOFT WINDOWS (No error messages.or any other disturbing issues)


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