Friday, March 31, 2017

VIdeo on how to use Linkedin

Friends I made this video, to share my knowledge on how to use Linkedin.

Pls watch it. Very useful. Try to use LinkedIn in the way mentioned in video and try to get referrals for various companies.

Below Video is with LinkedIn Old UI. Just sharing this for reference, This is more in detail. You can try the same tricks in new UI.

Also share with your friends.


Hi Friends,

Today i am going to show how to use LinkedIn[New UI] to connect with people from various companies.

And some search techniques too.

1st of all you need to create your profile completely. I will show my profile for example.

See i have added all details, company, project, responsibilites etc
Education, finally Resume also you should upload.

So once your profile is created you can go ahead and add connections to your network

There are types of connections.

1st connections - Are the people who you are directly connected with. Lets see
So all these are my 1st whom i can send message directly

2nd connections - Are the connections of my connections similar like facebook - friend of my friend. For such connections you can send a request.

Let us search for ex : Infosys HR lets ee who are all my 1st connections

Right side we can see 3 buttons, in that select 1st connections

I have more than 100 1st connections to whom i can directly message. Sounds wow :)

Lets say i want to add more people from infosys, then deselect 1st connections and select 2nd connections

See you will get connect button enabled, so just send request thats it. If you open their profile. it wil show your invitation is pending.

Once people accepts your invitation, they will be part of your network.

In connections everything is listed here according to recently added date, so recent connection comes 1st, this will make things easy as you know who you added recently you can directly message them. Als you can filter your connections like this,

But i suggest to filter connections from search page itself, that is more accurate and you can directly 2nd connections in the same screen. This is the screen i spoke about.

Lets see how to do some filters. Lets say i want to add all Test Managers in infosys. Select current company as Infosys, this is because if they worked previously in infosys and now in some other company, still it will show in your result, but we need who is currently working in infosys so we need to select current company as infosys. Got it :)

So send request to all these. 

Like this you can search any profile. Lets say informatica domain i want to connect to managers in various companies, lets see how to search. 

Lets search for ABAP guys in all the companies

Ok now see we are getting connections from various location, lets filter only bangalore people.see we got only bangalore connections

So this is how we can use the new linked in which has the latest UI :)

We have already shared a video earlier on how to use linkedin[old UI] as LinkedIn has upgraded ;) we are sharing this new video.

Refer to old video as well, it has more(good) info like this. You can try those things here in new UI.

Pls share this video with all your friends.

All the best friends!!

Old video link you can see in description

Link to the Video - Youtube


  1. Nice presentation on how to use Linkedin, helped me lot to create account for my background verification company.

  2. It is very clear and nice information sir. It will really helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge...