Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transparent lock to your windows desktop

LockLocking your computer is a good idea when you are away from your pc, Yep!!! i know you can simply do this by using windows shortcut key “win+L” on your keyboard. It will lock your screen but the bad thing is, it will hide your screen and you can’t see the status of the hidden screen. This problem can be solved by using ClearLock, So in this post i will tell you how to use ClearLock and how to hack it ;)
ClearLock is a handy software which protects you system from crazy dudes or lousy pets who thinks your keyboard as a playground. By using ClearLock you can lock your desktop computer with a transparent lock, that means you can actually see your desktop which is covered by a transparent layer, But you can’t click on anything until you give your password to remove the lock.
It is handy when you are downloading files which requires to check their downloading status every minute or when your showing your presentations to your friends while you got other work etc..,
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So if you wish to download ClearLock you can download it from

Secret to get access without authorization

First promise me that you don’t tell this trick/hack to anyone ;). Ok lets get straight to the point, to get access without password just follow these simple steps.
Step #1: While it is asking for password enter anything you wish and press enter, you will get an error message. Continue to do it for another 2 times.
Step #2: After the three attempts ClearLock will Completely block you from entering any passwords. So what to do
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Step #3: Here comes the real play, when it blocked you from entering password press Ctrl+Alt+Del, it will open the task manager, Now select Applications > ClearLock and press End Task.
Tadaa, you got access without password.

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