Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to hide an entire drive in XP

Every body loves their privacy, We had already learned how to hide folders, In this post we are going to learn a cool trick of how to hide an entire drive. This is small but an effective way to hide you data.

By this trick you can hide your entire drive like C,D,E,F etc.., This can be used to protect you personal data from unauthorized access, even though its not 100% fool proof it is worth using. Just follow this steps..
step #1: Navigate to Start > Run and type "cmd" and hot "Enter".
step #2: Type "DISKPART" and hit "Enter" .
step #3: Type "List Volume" and hit "Enter".
step #4: Now type "select volume #" to select your volume number respective to your drive letter.(# refers to number)
step #5: After selecting your desired volume just hide it by using this command "remove letter #".(# refers to drive letter)
hide drive
That's it, you had successfully hided your drive from unauthorized access. If you wish to have your drive back simply repeat the process but in step #5 just replace "remove" with "assign" i.e "assign letter #"(# refers to drive letter)
show drive

Why does this happen:
Its pretty simple, Windows cannot identify the Unknown volume ;-)

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